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Friday, March 12, 2010

Today Has Been A Great Day!

I got a load of clothes washed.

I got a few more hair bows posted on my Etsy shop.

I got my first sale today thanks to Erin @ The Bailey Family!

I won several auctions over at ebay for some more ribbon at really great prices (and free shipping).

I completed my upper body circuit training, which I have started on this Monday. I am alternating between upper body training (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) and lower body training (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday). I guess I am getting I get sore the day after so I am assuming I am doing something right).

I ate a delicious healthy dinner prepared by Josh. Praise God he knows how to cook and ENJOYS cooking. Praise God AGAIN! LOL

I found someone to watch Zakiah for 6 hours tomorrow so I can have a break...woohoo! LOL

I got a few new followers from Follow Friday! I will follow you all back tomorrow if I haven't already. I am blogged out right now.

And on that note, I am signing off. My bedtime for some reason is around 10ish. Every night, I just shut down around that time (which is right now). I guess Zakiah getting up at 6ish in the morning kind of shifted my sleeping schedule a bit. Hopefully day light savings time will put things kind of in order BUT I am not sure how to deal with the fact that it will be straight daylight when I put Z to bed. We are not used to that so this may be interesting. Hopefully she can still go to sleep with a little light outside for an hour or two before it gets dark.

Here is a slide show of some pictures from the past two weeks. Enjoy!


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