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Friday, March 12, 2010

::tears:: Please Pray for Layla Grace's Family...

...for the loss of their precious 2 year old girl. I happened to see a post about her and spent the last hour reading about her story on her blog, reading through the heart wrenching tweets from the past week leading up to her passing away, and browsing through 165 pictures that captured her beauty and strength. She had stage 4 cancer and passed away on Tuesday. So sad.  Her family needs prayers. I can't even imagine how hard this is for them.  It is heart ripping when babies suffer.  ::tears::

So glad you are safe in heaven with God, Layla. May you rest in peace!


  1. Stopping by from Friday Follow to say Hi! I already following and hope you are having great week
    I will definitely be praying!

  2. I'm stopping by as a BlogFrog Community Leader (actually, I'm also procrastinating on the taxes!) and signed up to follow you when I saw the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation button!

    My good friend/blogging partner and I are both SMA moms; my baby, Jeffrey, earned his wings at 5-1/2 months, and Cindy's ('Ethel') son, Kevin, is in high school.

    Thank you for helping spread the word about SMA!!!


  3. Following you from Friday Follow. Appreciate a follow back:


  4. so sorry! this makes my heart just break... i can't imagine how much pain they are enduring. may God give them a peace that passes ALL understanding. this blog is so sweet... your zakiah is gorgeous!

  5. Happy Monday!! I am a New Friday Follower!!



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