Bible Verse of the Day: Keeping God First

About Kris

I am a 26 year old single (in Christian terms "not married") mom learning how to maneuver through life with my beautiful and AMAZING baby girl, Zakiah, born in June 2009. Everything about her is AMAZING and I am definitely grateful that God blessed me with her in my life.  Hence, this is why I am writing this keep up with her amazing moments (or at least try to).  I am not seeking to be the most famous blogger on here or make her the most famous baby on the blogosphere but to share to those who don't mind reading about our experiences as mother and daughter (and daddy is included in here, too).  In the end, this blog is essentially Zakiah's baby book minus all the first nail clippings, first hair cut, umbilical cord stomp (yes, I did keep it), and other such little oddities.

Outside of motherhood, I have yet to finish my Masters in Biomedical Engineering and discover my role as a careerwoman.  I am hoping to finish by the end of 2010 and get my career started in the biotechnology field.  Yes, I have loans to pay back so I need to make some good money. ::smile:: In the meanwhile, I am enjoying the experience as a stay at home mother.  The opportunity I have now may be the only time I will be able to stay at home with a baby as long as I have been with Zakiah.  I have no regrets and am surely blessed by God to be able to do so even though things are tight financially at the moment.  This is why I recommend couponing ladies (AND gents) to help stretch your dollar.  Trust me, a dollar can stretch a long ways and help you overflow your cupboard. God surely supplies our necessities. I can attest to that!

In general, life is really challenging for me right now as I work to redefine it because I refuse to let my past shortcomings define me now and tomorrow.  People may look down at unmarried mothers and fathers but easily forget that we are all with sin (both exposed and unexposed to the world).  My desire is to use my situation to exemplify God's grace and mercy on His children and to be a walking/talking testimony that God loves despite of our shortcomings and past failures. Now, I am striving to follow God's way because He knows it all anyway. I am courting with a pretty amazing guy named Joshua and we are going on 5+ years. He brings much needed balance and encouragement to my unbalanced and crazy life. Thank goodness he is a patient person! I am working on it!

Enjoy reading about Zakiah, Josh, and me!

Oh, and I love making hair bows (just wanted to throw that out there)! If you get a chance, visit my Etsy shop to your right!

Updated: March 24, 2010
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