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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Blowing Away the Dust on This Blog

Man, it is dusty in here...been too long, but guess who is back?! Zakiah! Do you even recognize this 'once ago' little baby? Well, this 19 year old toddler is not so little anymore and is constantly on the GO. We both have been doing WELL and SO much has happened since our last update back in May (yeah, ages ago). Zakiah is in daycare, I am back in school finishing up, and Joshua finally 'put a ring on it'...yep, I'm engaged! :)

I even managed to find time to run a jewelry shop on Etsy:
BE.adifully YOU.nique Handcrafted Beaded Jewelry

I miss blogging so much but time seems to disappear more and more as Zakiah gets older. You can catch me on Twitter, which I absolutely have enjoyed since first joining back in November. Here is my profile page: BEadifullYOUniq

I peeped around some of the other mommy blogs I used to read up on and I canNOT believe how big the 'babies' are! Such a beautiful thing! God is good!

Well, this is just a quick drop in but I hope everyone who reads this is doing well!

Until next time and hopefully not next year (lol)...

Be blessed and Be.You.Always!

We are out...

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