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Thursday, February 3, 2011

I Heart Target's Dresses

Zakiah spent the past weekend with her second family (close Church friend's house who Zakiah truly sees as her family especially since they have a son and daughter who she loves to play with). I forgot to pack up her Sunday dress so asked my friend if she can find her a nice dress to wear to Church that's anything BUT pink or purple. She said sure, no problem. Well, when I saw Zakiah after Sunday School, she had on this gorgeous white and blue polka dot dress with a hot pink bow. What an awesome combination! Of course it had to come from Target because Target makes some of the CUTEST dresses for little girls. I haven't been there recently to see what is out for little girls, but I know a couple months ago, they had some really pretty winter dresses on sale.

Target never fails even when Zakiah fails to smile for the camera...

Still ignoring me...

Dada's little girl. They were so coordinated Sunday. Love it!
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