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Labor & Delivery

So my due date was June 13th but I always had in the back of my head that she will be a late baby. However, I had no idea that she will keep me waiting 9 days after the date. Nevertheless, I started feeling cramps around 3am on Sunday, June 21st. I did not think much of the cramping since I have had two other false alarms already. I pretty much had figured if this would be it then it will be it; if not then not. I was going with the flow. I tried to go back to sleep a few hours later BUT could not so I got up to do some things before Church. During service, I felt stronger cramping so I was sure that this was the real thing. I was so excited and ready! I called the doc on call and she said to make sure my bag was packed and to call back when the contractions are 5 mins apart. So Josh and I kept track and sure enough, they were getting closer. I called my parents to let them know the news and that they should be getting ready to head my way later that day. Josh and I gathered our stuff and headed to the hospital at around 2:30ish that afternoon.

It was such a surreal experience settling down in my LD (labor and delivery) room. It was not too long ago when Josh and I were in the same exact room several weeks ago while touring the Birthing Center at the hospital. I put on my gown and settled down in my bed. The nurse strapped me up to the monitoring machine and placed the IV in my arm (ugh, I hated that part). It took me awhile to forget the feeling of the IV in my arm. I guess the stronger contactions distracted me after awhile. The first 4 hours was so boring. Josh was dozing off so I had no entertainment but the tv (which I was not interested in watching) and the nurse who tried to be personable and funny (but moreso corny and annoying). My main form of entertainmen was the fetal monitor and breathing through my contractions.

At 7pm, my mom had arrived and my favorite OB-GYN came to check on my progress. I was about 3cm and a long way from delivery. He decided to break my water to get things moving. And boy, did they move as soon as he broke my water. I had the best nurses in the world. Molly and Kay, I will never forget you gals! :) They helped me so much and were so nice. Since I wanted to go as long as I can without getting an epidural (and without being tied down in bed), I spent most of my evening, night, and early Monday morning in the whirlpool to help me get through the contractions. Highly recommended route along with breathing. I also walked around the birthing center to let gravity help push the baby down. I tried the exercise ball for one contraction and just could not do it. Anyway, I was administered four doses of drugs to help ease my mind off the pain. Boy, I was so drugged. I felt drunk and giddy during the first two doses. The last dose of drug was a different type of drug from the first three and it knocked me out. Unfortunately, when I woke up, I was in SOOO much pain. I could not control my breathing and was freaking out. It is funny because my mom requested me to get the epidural. Right before I was given the epidural, I was 7cm. Good enough! lol From 7cm to fully dilated, ask Josh what happened. Clearly I was so freaked out, I hardly remembered anything. The last thing I remember was the nurses waking me up and telling me it is time to push. Delivery was a breeze! 45 minutes of pushing was all it took for my precious baby girl to come out into the world at 5:28am.

Aww, she's so pretty and so tiny! 6 pounds and 13 ounces! Everyone was so happy at her arrival. My dad took lots of pictures and Josh took plenty of pictures of her with my blackberry. It was amazing to look into her eyes. She's finally here. I would rate my labor and delivery experience a 9 out of 10. I had an awesome God, family, boyfriend, doctor, and nurses at my side. Now recovery is a WHOLE other story. No wonder there's a 6 week recovery period. Having a baby traumatizes a woman's But all in all, it's totally worth it. There are women out there who wish they could go through what I just experience. Definitely a blessing. Ahhhh, I am pregnant no more for the time being...thank goodness!

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