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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Is This Going to Be My Life Everyday?

Is 9 months too early to explaining the importance of picking up your toys???

Just kidding (kind of)

But just an update on Zakiah. She is doing fine. The swelling and redness has gone down a lot just like we prayed for last night.

God is good! I cannot deny that!

I appreciate all the wonderful comments you ladies left me in the previous posts. You know how to make a mommy feel better!


  1. I am so glad Zakiah is doing well.

    And this probably doesn't help you much, but thank you for posting this picture. It reminds me to enjoy the very little bit of (almost) immobility that I have left!

  2. Thanks Kacie! I am too! problem! But yes, do enjoy the last drop of immobility you have left with Gemma because soon things are about to get really "fun" really fast. :p

  3. Yes. That will be your life everyday.



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