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Friday, February 19, 2010

Had to Bring Out Her Baby Tub Again

And boy does she look cramped up in that thing. It has been over a month since I put that tub away in storage. I brought it back out to give her a quick splash in the morning as a part of her diaper rash treatment. The advice nurse told me that since Zakiah is sleeping 10+ hours every night (which she considered me very lucky. I perfered blessed), it would help to give her a quick bath with some warm water and baking soda in the morning to wash away the urine on her skin.

So we have been doing this and Zakiah doesn't seem to mind the extra bath time. Her rash is getting better. I am glad she never showed any signs of the rash causing her discomfort. It is no longer red and irritated. It just looks like a discolored area that is several shades lighter than her as if it was a huge birthmark. Hopefully within the next few days the area will return to its normal color.

Diaper rashes are so weird! Too many factors that can contribute to the rash although I think the wipes we are using are not the sensitive kind. Not sure if this is the main culprit but for now, I am using washcloth and water during her diaper changes.

But yeah, after this diaper rash blows over, we are ditching the tub. She looks like she is stuck in it and can't move. Seeing this made me realize how big she is getting each month. There is no slowing down. I can barely keep up with all her changes. So amazing this little girl is!

Oh, she is holding a flexirod roller in her hand. She loves to play with these things!

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