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Friday, February 19, 2010

Our First Time Out at a Play Area

On Tuesday, I wanted to go somewhere different with Zakiah to give her a change of scenery. Well, I decided on the mall since it would be a great way for me to get a little exercise in and to give her a stroll, which she STILL don't care too much for. Plus, we haven't been in awhile.

Anyway, I fed her and got her dressed and ready to go. We went around 130p to ensure that we had at least a good hour out before heading back for her 330ish nap time. As I was approaching the mall, I realized that the mall had a play area sponsored by Duke but couldn't remember which end of the mall it was located. Of course I parked at the opposite side of the mall so we had a little stroll before we finally reached the play area.

There were so many kids running around when we got there that I was very nervous to take Zakiah inside. I decided to wait it out a little bit to scope out the area. At first I didn't see any little babies so I thought that maybe the children had to be older or at least walking to enter. But then a saw this one mom carrying her little boy from on station to another so I was relieved. I was concerned about all the germs infested in the area but came prepared with my sanitizer. There were also dispensers with sanitizer at the entrance of the play area.

So after a few minutes of sitting on the bench outside the play area while Zakiah was looking at all the action going on inside the play area, I was ready to go inside. I didn't know where to put the stroller at first but found where all the other strollers were. I would have been hurt if someone would have stolen out travel system.

I found a little isolated area to start Zakiah at to get her acclimated to her environment. Man as soon as I put that girl down, she was ready to go toward the other children. I say back and noticed how she is growing up and becoming more independent. She was so cute. I recorded a few clips and got some pictures of her first time experience. She had so much fun. I was so happy to see her happy.

I'm going to try to go out to the play area at least once a week until the weather gets warm outside. At the rate she is going, she will be walking by springtime. LOL

And I can't wait!

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