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Friday, February 19, 2010

Consignment Shop Friendly

Since being a mom, I have learned to be pretty thrifty. The other day, I went to the consignment shop up the street to find some board books for Zakiah so we can read more. She is really into pictures now.

Anyway, you can't beat the price of the books at this shop (unless you get them for free, of course!). Books are 25 cents each! My type of deal! Now granted I am not going to give my baby some dingy old book that has been chewed on and scribbled throughout. I had to do a little digging to find some newer and cleaner looking books. Given the amount of time Zakiah allowed me before fussing and tearing up in her stroller, which was NOT long, I managed to find three nice books in which two were spiritual related. This is important because I want to instill in her basic Biblical principles to help build her a strong spiritual foundation and to help her know God's love for her. Anyhoo, the total came out to be 81 cents for 3 books!

Just as I was getting ready to leave, one of the volunteers brought out a cart of toys ready to be priced. I got excited because inside the cart were the SAME LEAP FROG maracas I bought another child for his birthday last Saturday at Walmart! Its is awesome how God works because when I bought the maracas, I remember thinking that Zakiah would love to have these for herself. However, I didn't have another 15 dollars to dish out in addition to the 15 being spent for this child's birthday gift. I felt bad for a moment but got over that feeling real quick! LOL

So yeah, back to the story. I saw the same maracas in the cart and was like "I have to get them!" Of course Zakiah being Zakiah, she was not having it anymore in her stroller. So poor momma had to stroll Zakiah back to the car, take her out the stroller, out the car seat, and hurriedly carry her back inside to get to those maracas before someone claims them.

Boy, what we do for our babies (or some maracas! LOL)

Sure enough two Hispanic ladies were hovering over the cart once I got back. The maracas were still there so I told Zakiah, "I am going to get those maracas for you!" Those Hispanic ladies looked up at us as if African Americans can't play with maracas (or maybe they weren't looking at us like that but more so looking at how I was already claiming toys in the cart before the volunteer could price them lol.). Either way, I chuckled inside. LOL

Anyway, the volunteer asked if I wanted them and told me they would be 25 cents.

My mouth dropped!

I paid 15 dollars for new ones not even a week ago! And now these would only be a quarter!


For a split second, I thought maybe the parents of the child I bought the maracas for had donated them to the shop just that quick. But I tried to see if it would work but it didn't so I knew these were not the same ones. See how the devil tries to put thoughts in my head?

For a quarter, I wasn't really concerned whether or not they functioned. One of the maracas suppose to count numbers and sing about the colors in English and Spanish while flashing lights while the other maraca just rattles. I knew Zakiah would enjoy that one by itself. I found a mini piano shaped xylophone and one of the stacking ring toys in the cart so I grabbed them and went to check out. The total for three nice toys came out to be $1.07!

God is so awesome! I got three books and three toys for under $2! Can't beat that!

We are so consignment shop friendly as of now! Zakiah so loves her maracas (as you can see in the previous post) and her other items.

Remember there is nothing a good Lysol bleach wipe can't handle! I wiped down all the items good and sprayed them down with some Oust Sanitizer spray!

As good as new (or even better)! Zakiah will never know the difference until she reads this of course. But by then, it will not even matter!

Just comes to show how God can provide for our wants in a way that is exceedingly above our own reasoning! Eph 3:20

Oh and the maracas are FULLY functional! Just needed new batteries.

Praise God! :-)

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