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Friday, February 19, 2010

Thanks Kacie for the Blog Award!

I had to get my dose of Gemma at And Baby Makes Two (see my blog list to the side and stop by Kacie's beautiful blog about her ever so beautiful baby girl Gemma). I read one of her recent posts and she mentioned she received a blog award! I was so excited for her because she is one of my favorite bloggers. I enjoy reading her posts and am so proud of how far she has come in her mommy journey!

Anyway (I am killing this word in almost all my recent posts), I read her post to the end and noticed she has passed the award to me and a few other bloggers. I was so honored (as cheesy as it may seem to some of you) because it shows that there are some people out there who are actually reading my blog and appreciating my content enough to acknowledge me for an award!

So thank you Kacie! This post is for you!

I think I need to list out 10 things I am a master of in order to accept the award. So here goes my list:

I am a master of...

* Carrying a heavy baby and two full bags of groceries up three flights of stairs before wanting to pass out as soon as I get inside my apartment door.
* Breastfeeding for 8 months!
*Saving over 50% on my grocery bills by using coupons
* Keeping track of Zakiah's life via my blackberry. Over 2000 pics and 500 video clips and counting.
* Washing loads of laundry but not actually putting them away until a week or two later!
* Packing dishes in the dishwasher. I have a specific method of what dishes go where to ensure I can get everything in there.
* Typing long grammatically incorrect posts on this blog with just my thumb (from my blackberry)
* Organizing things when I get the chance. I like to organize to the very specific detail even if it takes me hours to sort through everything to get the job done. I particularly like organizing my pictures.
* Not keeping in touch with other people. I'm still learning how to balance my life right now
* Sleeping on my couch. I stay in a one bedroom apartment so you can guess who took over my room. There is no way I can sleep in the same room with her. She makes noises and moves around a lot while sleeping. All of that would work my nerve. Plus I don't want her to think that mommy is supposed to sleep in the same room as her. I am not even trying to feel that battle in the future when she gets her own room.

Ok, I have posted enough for today: 8 or 9 posts so far just to catch up from my slackness. I have some more I want to post about but I am supposed to bake two lasagnas tonight so I need a little nap before I get started.

Happy Friday!

Oh, my apologies for any grammatical errors you may find. I'm a Christian...not perfect. He he

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