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Friday, November 20, 2009

Zakiah's Coat Fitting

Why is it SO hard to find a coat for babies under 6 months??? We are going to Jersey and were looking everywhere to find a nice warm coat for Zakiah. Babies R Us had the largest selection of outerwear we have seen but only less than a handful of coats there where for babies under 6 months. The bulk was for older babies. It is like babies under 6 months are not supposed to go out in the cold or either they have to wear a bunny/bear suit if they do. Well, not this baby!

Since the coats were marked down 30% of the original price, we decided on getting a brown puff coat that was for 6-9 month old babies so she can grow into it as the winter progresses. We got the coat and tried it on Zakiah. Well, this is how the coat ended up looking on her:

I didn't know we signed her up for cheerleading tryouts! LOL The sleeves on this coat are WAY TOO LONG on Zakiah. There's like 3 inches of extra space between the opening on the sleeves and her hands. She couldn't even put her arms down. Man, it was a struggle to get that coat on just for it to not even remotely fit decently on her.

Well, we went back to Babies R Us to look for a better coat. There just had to be something. And then, at last, we found this cute red peacoat like coat with a hood. And it was on sale to our surprise for $9 and some change. What a great deal AND it fits her just fine. I will post a picture of her in it soon after we come back from our trip.

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