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Friday, November 20, 2009

Rolling on with Life!

So on last Monday, the 9th, I caught Zakiah rolling over from her back to her tummy for the first time:

This was not the first time she has rolled over from back to tummy clearly because she has been flipping herself over ever since we ditched the swaddle in her crib.

NOW she is rolling like crazy. It is truly becoming second nature. A few days ago, she managed to roll herself in the bathroom sink following her bath:

(Yes, I caught you! LOL)

No longer can I leave her unattended for even a split second because she can roll over SO fast. Like I said before...second nature. It is crazy to think that a few months ago, she was struggling to even lift up her head. I haven't recorded it yet, but today, she was rolling herself back and forth, from back to belly to back to belly to get to her toys. It was SO funny and AMAZING! I can't wait til the day when she can roll to mommy and daddy! Or maybe I CAN wait a little while ::wink:: :-p

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