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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Some Little Things I Have Noticed Over the Past Week

Zakiah is getting good with her hands. She can reach and aim for a toy with pretty good accuracy! Another thing I notice is that she is also SOOOOO fascinated by facial features. She would grab for the nose and mouth whenever she is close enough to our faces to do so. She particularly likes trying to put her fingers in our mouths or in our noses. I have been noticing, too, that she is starting to become a little more ticklish on her sides and belly. She is not at the point where we can tickle her and she laughs hysterically but she does flinch her body when I tickle those areas.

The thing I notice most of all is that Zakiah is getting bigger every time I think about it. And the bigger she gets, the more beautiful she becomes! I can't believe tomorrow she will be 5 months!

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