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Monday, November 23, 2009

I am Still UP...

It is 2:30am, and I am STILL packing up my stuff for the trip to New Jersey. Ugh, it is so much easier packing for a baby. Zakiah's stuff was packed within 45 minutes. I am still washing clothes and haven't even started on my hair. I might have to do the wig thing. I don't know. Josh doesn't like the wig...haha. But we will see. Good thing Zakiah is sleep WELL in her pack and play right now. We wanted her to adjust to it so she can hopefully sleep well for the week up North.

I am SO excited about this trip. I hope all goes well and that we have safe travel. Hopefully we will beat most of the holiday travel by leaving in a few hours instead of on tomorrow or Wednesday.

I have a few posts scheduled to post on the blog over the course of the week. (Did that sound weird?) They are just some slide shows of pictures from Zakiah's first three months of life. There are stories behind many of those pictures that I would like to catch up on and post about, but I don't have the time right now.

I might do a post via my blackberry. I have never done that before but I figured since the ride is going to be LONG, I will have plenty of time to figure it out! LOL

Hope you all have a safe, wonderful, and BLESSED Thanksgiving with your families and friends! :) Cherish every moment with your loved ones because another day with them is NEVER promised. Please keep Shaniya Davis' family in prayer.

P.S. Zakiah is entering into her SIXTH month. Wow!!!

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