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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Sad Wordless Wednesday

This is my first ever wordless Wednesday so I am not going to say much. Just that Z bumped her head on the corner of the coffee table today and got a bad little gash on her forehead. She cried for a few minutes and was back to normal. I still feel horrible.

Bad mommy moment.


  1. Oh no! I see you have now quickly added a bumper around the edge. Good job mom!

    We recently got new furniture and our side table is ROUND for this very reason! And we got a round ottoman instead of a coffee table. What we do for our kids! ;)

  2. Well, actually my parents put up the bumper a few weeks ago when they came to visit. The corners of the coffee table are rounded fortunately but my parents felt it would be better to put the bumper on still.

    However, the side table has pointed edges which is what Zakiah hit her head against. I thought that since the side table is substantially higher than the coffee table that it wouldn't be an issue.


    I still have to figure out what to do about the side table. Right now, I have the walker right in front of it as a barricade. It is kind of hard to explain. I might have to post a picture for clarification.

    Yay for new furniture! And wise choice to get the round ottoman instead.

    Yes, what we do for our kids and some more. lol.


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