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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Princess Z's Royal Throne…

…is the name of her new potty seat! My dad and I were talking last week about how fast Zakiah is progressing through her milestones. We project that within the next two months, she will be walking. We both agreed that the earlier Zakiah starts potty training, the better especially once she starts walking. SO my parents, to my surprise, went ahead and bought Zakiah a potty seat. It is a Disney Winnie the Pooh Theme Seat that can transform into a step stool and a separate potty seat attachment to go on an actual toilet seat. It has a side handle that says encouraging phrases and makes flushing water sounds.

I am not exactly sure how to tackle potty training but for now, we are just letting Zakiah get accustomed to the seat. I have the seat right in front of my bathroom so she can learn to make the connection between potty and the bathroom as she watches me use the toilet (sorry if TMI but she always follow me into the bathroom).

I am so excited to embark on this new adventure. I already have several packs of size 4 Pull Ups stocked up and a free potty training DVD from Huggies so all I have to do now is wait until the time is right.

Please excuse the water marks on the wall and the big wet area on Zakiah's onesie. She loves drinking water from a regular cup even through most of it ends up on her clothes. I am debating weather or not to train her with a sippy cup (which has been unsuccessful given that she would rather chew on the sprout than suck). She likes the regular cup so much better.

Oh well. We will just have to go with the flow.

Thanks Margaret for your sweet comments! I am glad you enjoy checking up on us! :-)

Oh, and for the record, yesterday was a very bad and frustrating day for the most part. I will update later.

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  1. We just bought Riley a potty. She sits on it while we use the bathroom. She always looks down to see if anything is coming out, haha. She hasn't put it together yet... If you start potty training before I do please share advice!


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