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Friday, February 26, 2010

I Participated in My First Friday Follow!

Dag gone it! I was almost done with my original post before I somehow deleted it before it saved. So this is a modified version because I am not going to allow the devil to stop me from saying what I want to say.

So I had a great time getting to read new blogs from Friday Follow. I think this is an awesome idea and way to get to meet new bloggers out in the massive blogging community.  I look forward to participating in FF next week. It is amazing how many bloggers participated in FF.  Over 700 since I last checked.  You never know what you will find that will strike your fancy. One new blog I came across that I found particularly hilarious is  Peeling an Orange with a Screwdriver.  This mom keeps it real and real amusing. If you ever need some pick me up raw humor, stop by her blog.

Thanks to all the bloggers who stopped by to read my previous personal post and offer their comments.  I followed each one of you back who left a comment and followed my blog.  You all are so sweet and I appreciate your encouragement!

Nothing too much happened out the usual today. Zakiah was as active as usual and I was trying as hard as I can to have enough energy to deal with all her silliness. I forgot to mention yesterday how Zakiah got from a sitting position to a standing position all on her own for the first time. No pulling up, no additional assistance.  Right before our eyes, she just got up and stood for a few seconds.  We were amazed!  One of the coolest things about that moment was that Josh got to experience seeing one of Zakiah's first with his very own eyes.  No hearing about this secondhand from me.  The amazement in his eyes was priceless!  I am so glad he was there to experience this moment with me.

Oh, I have a quick praise report.  You know I have to give God is praise!

Last week Friday, Josh had to go through evaluations at his job. The devil was busy working hard at his job. Well, it came to be that very false allegations were made against him by his supervisors.  When Josh says he's PISSED, that is like a cuss word for us meaning that he's beyond upset.  Josh is one of the nicest, most positive, and hard working individuals you will ever meet and for him to be pissed is just not right. He rarely allows work to affect him negatively especially once he gets off work. However, Josh continued to work hard this week despite the false claims made against him and God rewarded him with a huge financial blessing today!  God is so good and shows that we should not be weary in good doing.  Josh could have reacted so many different ways, but he continued to do what he was supposed to do although he was very upset inside. He is going to refute the evaluation and made sure he well documented every single move he performed on the job as evidence. I am praying that all is resolved in a way favorable to Josh.  I am going to give God the glory ahead of time because I know God has the victory already worked out!

Well, I am going to end this post with a few pictures from today:

 A little over stimulated? Maybe? 

Clearly my ploy to keep her in that one spot failed because a few minutes after that picture was taken, Zakiah was back at my legs trying to attack the laptop (AGAIN):

 Yes, she stays in the bathtub for way too long...

The answer to Zakiah's yeast diaper rash which has finally gone away after 7 days of treatment:


  1. Oh my goodness I love the new pics on top , just beautiful. Your baby is getting so big. I have participated in 3 friday follows and I have found some great blogs out there.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks G-Zell! She is getting big so FAST! Thanks for stopping by. Hope you had a great weekend!


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