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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Can You Tell Me Where I Can Find a…

…baby snoozer? Geez! It is one thing to be woken up by a long loud wail at 7:01am Monday thru Friday, but can mommy get at least ONE 15 minute SNOOZE on Saturdays???

Is that so much to ask for?

I guess so because Zakiah WILL NOT have that!

Ugh, Josh better enjoy the days of sleeping in an extra hour and waking up to an alarm clock on a Saturday morning. Better yet, he better enjoy the feature of the snooze button! I almost forgot how to use it since it has been so long. Smh

If you are wondering, in an effort to do what is right, he doesn't sleep over for the night. God blessed us with a baby that can sleep 10-13 hours STRAIGHT at night! Thank You Father! So there is really no excuse for us to put ourselves in the compromising position of spending the night together UNLESS we are going to be snowed in for the weekend. Then he stays over BUT we have our own separate sleeping destinations. Its is hard because I want to cuddle for the night but with that, temptations can stir up.

Not even trying to feel that! Saving it for our marriage bed.

But yeah, I guess I need to learn to go to bed earlier! I did manage to sleep through the night but I guess if you go to bed around 2, you can manage to sleep til 7 in the morning.
Will I ever get it together? Maybe. But I would rather find that baby snoozer!



Well she is on the prowl. Gotta go!

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