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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Will Do a Massive Update on Pictures and Videos Soon!

Finally, I got my USB cord to my phone back from SC! My parents came up surprisingly on Sunday to bring Zakiah her new high chair they bought for her. I was totally not expecting for them to actually go out and buy her one. I just mentioned to them last week to be on the look out for one to see if they can find a good deal (because things are usually cheaper in SC than NC). Anyway, I will post about her high chair experiences so far in an upcoming post. I have lots to upload and edit and put together so I can post them here. It is supposed to snow either tomorrow or Saturday so I need to run out to do some things first.

Let me tell you...


There is no stopping her. She can even hold herself in a standing position for a second or two before falling on her bum bum. Why do I get the feeling that she is going to be walking soon?

It is cute how she can crawl after me when I leave from the living room to the kitchen.  So weird.

(My brother and his son Jayden. He is 2 already as of December! Glad I have some time before Zakiah hits that age because from what I hear, Jayden is a TRIP now. So.NOT.ready.)

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