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Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy 7 Months Babe!

I know I have been slacking a lot with blogging lately but I'm getting lots done offline. I have reapplied for grad school, applied for financial aid, looked into child care for Zakiah, researched several biotechnology companies in the area, and submitted my resume to some (which is my goal everyday until God blesses me with an opportunity). I have also been working diligently making hair bows and earrings to sell online. I made over 25 earrings and 25 hair bows. I'm going to run to the craft store tomorrow to pick up a few more yards of ribbons to make some more bows before I put everything online. So excited! I have been couponing also to get free to cheap items from the grocery and drug stores to donate to my Church's food bank. I am hoping to one day organize a ministry at my Church for a group of us to get together to learn about how to use coupons to save money AND have extra items to donate to those in need. I think of couponing as a manifestation of how God can create abundance out of very little. He is AWESOME!

So my baby is 7 months! ::tear:: She is doing EVERYTHING except walking and speaking real words. She can repeat dada after me, she can pull up to her knees unless I reach out my hands for her to grab and pull up to her feet (which she absolutely LOVES to do), and she is getting so much better with her crawling! She does this grunting noise while crawling that tickles me because I just know whenever she is on the move! She moves diagonal sometimes while crawling but nevertheless she is getting it down pat and getting much faster. Put a plate of food down in front of her a few feet away and she goes charging. So cute.

She is eating stage 2 fruits and veggies and pretty much likes everything she eats. She has tried two jars of stage 3 oatmeal and fruit mix and ate that just fine even though it is thicker. But we are going to stick with stage 2 foods for a little while. I got some jars of stage 1 meats but haven't given her any yet. I will wait til next week to introduce those to her. We are still breast feeding exclusively. I don't know how long this will last but am totally fine with taking it one day at a time. She nurses 4-5 times a day and I am assuming she is getting about 5 to 7 ounces each time because that is how much my breasts can pump out! She likes drinking for my cup when I drink water. We are working with the sippy cup but she hasn't gotten the coordination down yet. I have packed all her bottles away since she hasn't used them in over three months. She doesn't take the pacifier nor does she suck her thumb. She does like a little extra nursing to satisfy her suckle needs.

She has been taking big girl baths and loves it! No desire to go back to the baby tub. She enjoys her space. She is still sleeping through the night although she sometimes get up as early as 5am. I have been putting her to bed as early as 7 to make sure she gets at least 10 hours of sleep. When she does get that much sleep, she is cranky. She can stay up for longer stretches now-about 3 hours at a time. She doesn't take her two hour nap as much as she used to but takes about 2-3 naps daily. We nap together sometimes and sometimes I just look at her while she is sleeping beautifully and peacefully. She cries bloody murder sometimes when she is in her crib too long after waking and when she is first but into it for a nap. She doesn't see the crib as a space to play most times. She doesn't like seeing me leave her in the crib by herself. Separation anxiety is rough sometimes.

She weighs 17 pounds and 12 ounces and is 26.08 inches so she is about average now for her age. She moves around SO much so I guess she is burning up lots of calories. She is still squeezing in her size 2 diapers since they go up to 18 pounds but wears a size 3 overnight to protect from leaks. She wears size 6-9 months clothing.

We are battling this diaper rash and I don't know how to clear it up. It is not bad and is pretty centralized in one area but I want to clear the area although she doesn't seem bothered by the rash. She have like major poops every two or so days. It is so yucky and smelly! The diaper genie has been doing a great job containing the smell of her poopy diapers. She goes through 5-6 diapers a day. Packages of diapers are truly stretching much longer.

She looks like Josh overall in my opinion although in certain expressions I can claim that I see me in her. She is the perfect blend of us though. I cannot hear enough how beautiful she is by those who see her. Her hair is gradually getting thicker and curlier. I just let it do its own thing for the time being. She is also getting a little darker than my complexion.

Zakiah is such a sweet baby. Of course she has her fussy moments and her needy moments but that is what babies go through. She doesn't even look like a baby anymore especially when she is pulling herself on her knees. I guess one of the best parts of watching her grow is to experience the innocence and security she exudes! It is simply AMAZING! Thank God for seven challenging but highly rewarding months with Zakiah and hopefully there will be hundreds more!

Mommy loves you!

Side note: Please pray for Haiti! I'm am watching a special on NBC right now to help raise money for the victims. I can't even imagine what they are going through right now. It is heartbreaking knowing so many children are without their parents and little babies are suffering and dying. This mother dig through rubble with her bare hands for 50 hours to find her crying baby buried underneath as his cries were getting weaker. Fortunately help came and they were able to rescue her baby boy. It made me cry. A mother's love is such a powerful force! Beyonce just got finished singing Halo which is such a beautiful song. I can't even complain about my circumstances when those in Haiti lost the little they had and more. God has a plan. This will make Haiti stronger. Good can come through pain. Hold your babies tight. Tell others you love them. Do good for others. What happened down there could have happened ANYWHERE! Pray pray pray!
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  1. Oh man, I never think my Clint is all that big, even though his doctor says he's above the 95th percentile for his length. At 4 months, he was 27 inches!

    So proud of you for EBF! I have a long story as to why we moved to FF with Clint after 6 weeks, but I plan to give it the good ol' college try again with our next (which will be a few years down the road, hopefully!)


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