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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pondering Over Laundry...

We are back to NC and wireless internet! Woohoo!  I miss blogging so much but can't blog long right now because I have tons to clean up and organize before the new year. I always like starting the new year on a fresh clean start. 

Anyway, I just put Zakiah down for her nap and decided to get a bulk of her clothes cleaned, sorted, and folded.  I was going through some of her onesies, pulling out what is too small for her to make room for the HUGE new wardrobe she got over the holiday. God is good!  I found a few of her 3 months Gerber onesies at the bottom of her drawer and saw how small they are. I can distinctly remember while she was wearing these how I couldn't wait until she got bigger so she can wear all her super cute 6 months clothing. Now I am looking back wishing that she could fit back into her newborn and 3 months clothing and stay that way forever...


Since Zakiah is my first, I am trying to decide what to keep for keepsake and what to give away.  I don't want to go overboard and keep EVERYTHING because I don't have the space first of all, and secondly, I don't plan on having another little one anytime within the next 3-4 years.

What are you doing with all your baby's outgrown clothing?

Hopefully I will be back tonight for a few more updates.

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