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Monday, December 21, 2009

Mmmm, Beech Nut Chiquita Banana tastes YUMMY!

No wonder Zakiah is gulping this stuff down! I have been eating what Zakiah does not finish, and I love the taste of  So since last Friday morning, we have been feeding Zakiah banana (mashed and from the jar) and she LOVES it! I recorded a video of her eating it on Friday but will have to wait til I get back to NC and faster internet connection to upload it so I post it here. It was SO cute! She actually grabbed a hold of the spoon from our hands because she liked the banana so much. The picture above was from today when I fed her a tablespoon of oatmeal (mixed with some hand expressed breastmilk since I forgot to bring my pump home). She made the yucky face at first like "What is this mess you are feeding me and where is my banana???" but she eventually got used to the taste and ate all of what I prepared.

So a few posts ago, I mentioned how I was so confused about how to go about introducing solids because I found so much conflicting literature out there about it. Well, I lurked around the Baby Whisperer message boards to seek answers since I have been using the Baby Whisperer method to help get Zakiah on an E.A.S.Y. routine that has been working so well for us. After reading plenty of posts, I decided that I will feed her based on this schedule:


1130-Banana (and eventually venture out to other fruits)

330-Butternut Squash (and eventually venture out to other veggies)

8-Top off with Breastmilk before bed

Of course, this is not a definitive schedule because we don't live in a perfect world, but I have gotten a whole lot better at being flexible and just going by Zakiah's cues. We will see how this works for the next week or so. This solids thing is so exciting EXCEPT for the fact that she is now pooping some weird stuff out and is developing more diaper rash.

Well, I will keep posted on Zakiah's progress! Can't you believe Zakiah will be 6 months tomorrow???!


(She already has nine presents underneath the Christmas tree and how many do I have??? Zip. None. Zero. lol)

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  1. I just saw all your comments from back in November! bahh. thank you :) This whole thing with my stupid broken laptop has me so behind, but once it gets fixed there will be so many more pictures of my little, chunky bear - and I'll get back to reading your blog and most likely leaving lots of comments, cause your princess is TOO CUTE!f

    Aren't you excited for Christmas???? We got Levi so much stuff, but they're toys he'll grow into over the year - even though he will have NO clue what's going on I'm incredibly excited to open his presents with him! I hope you all have wonderful Christmas! :)



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