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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I Need Some Encouragement!!!

This weaning Zakiah out the swaddle thing has been heavy on my mind for several weeks now. I am at a loss at whether or not she is ready to let go of the swaddle. She cries during the process of swaddling but most times falls right to sleep once I lay her to bed. Sometimes, however, she fights herself out the swaddle during her sleep and wakes up crying when her arms are flailing all over the place. Ugh, she is getting so strong that re-swaddling her is such a huge task especially when she is crying at the top of her lungs and resisting my attempt.

I have read and read and read so many forum posts about when and how to go about this thing. Some say if it isn't broken, then don't fix it. Some say drop the swaddle either gradual or cold turkey. Most say it depends on the baby and to just follow her cues.

Hmm, but what if I don't know what the heck Zakiah is trying to tell me??? It is like she has this love/hate relationship with the swaddle. The swaddle is definitely a STRONG cue that it is time to go to sleep. If she isn't fussing so bad, she sometimes drifts off while I am swaddling her.

The swaddle has been very effective to helping Zakiah nap for 2 hour stretches twice a day now and sleep through the night most times (since sleeping in her crib). If she wakes, it is because she has broken through the swaddle and can't settle back again. Unfortunately, the swaddle is a prop that needs to be STOPPED!

On the flip side, I am not looking forward to a lot of night wakings and crying when I decide to ditch this swaddling business for good. I am still contemplating how to attack this thing. I guess I have already started today by swaddling her in such a way that her right fist is close to her mouth for her to suck her fingers. Halfway through her nap, she started fussing. I didn't go in to check on her right way...I have the 5 minute rule: if she fusses for 5 minutes straight, I would go in and check on her. I do this to give her the opportunity to self soothe. Well, I am happy to say that she settled down on her own. I checked on her a few minutes ago and sure enough, that right arm is fully free from the swaddle BUT she is knocked out once again. Woot!

I guessing I will take the gradual approach. I know I have attempted this before but I truly felt like she wasn't ready back then. Now I want to try again to see if this will work. I just have to be consistent and not give in because that will only confuse her. But if things get too out of whack by the end of Sunday, back to fully swaddling her we go.

I will try to document my progress here for as many naps and nighttime sleep as I can. Pray for us as we go through this process. I am guessing it is more daunting on me than her.


  1. Oh my, I don't know what advice to give you. I would talk to your pediatrician. I swaddled all my kids for only 3 months because they would move alot and for fear of sids I stopped.

    The best thing is to consult your doctor and I am sure you will find the right thing for your child. Good luck! :)

  2. Thanks G-Zell! I might just have to call her pediatrician to see what advice he can give me. I forgot to mention it at her last appointment because I was anticipating over her shots and how she will react.

    How did you wean your children? Cold turkey or the gradual approach? Zakiah moves a lot but she has not rolled over for over a month now.

  3. check out the Peke Moe sleep sack for swaddle weaning ! we used it on our miracle blanket addicted little one and it worked immediately!! goodluck

  4. I cried in the middle of my office at work! Thank you so much for creating a way for me to see my baby niece!!

    Auntie Karena


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