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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Zakiah's Third Month Picture

I forgot to post it but here it is. Her pictures keep getting better and better. I was SO glad the photographer caught Zakiah's pretty smile! I was very much pleased. Can't wait to see what will be captured for her fourth month picture...

On another note, four months ago, I was in the process of laboring with Zakiah...getting ready to bring her into the world. Ha, I was probably in the whirlpool around this time. Man, time flies. Zakiah will be four months 5:28a to be exact. Feels like yesterday. Check out my labor and delivery slide show. ::tears::


  1. She is soooo adorable. Did you have a natural birth?

  2. Thanks hun! Those chubby cheeks are my fave! I always get confused when someone askes that question because some people are either asking whether or not I had an epidural or whether I had a vaginal birth or c-section.

    So I will answer both to be on the safe

    Before having Zakiah, I had it set to go as long as I can without having an epidural. However, after being awake for 24 hours straight, I couldn't focus on my breathing techniques because I was tired. I started going ballistic (lol) around 7cm so my MOM (not me) so kindly told the nurse that I needed the epidural. I was only on the epidural for about one hour and an half before Zakiah was born. And girl, the epidural was great because I did not feel a thing when I vaginally gave birth to Zakiah.

    The whole process was much better than I could ever imagine. I guess that's God again exceeding my expectations! I would do it again the same way. You can read about my big day in this post.


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