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Friday, October 30, 2009

Whew! Four Posts in One Day!

Told you I was going to update and catch up soon. I am pretty much up-to-date with my videos. Yay! Now I need to do an update on my other blog. Will do sometime later. I might have to deal with an issue first that was brought to my attention. Someone maybe copying my information on my blog and using it on his/her blog as his/her own. Not cool at all. Anyway, I wanted post up a picture real quick because I think it tells how much Zakiah is becoming her own person:

Look at how she is calmly chilling on daddy. It was weird seeing her like that because she is usually bouncing around trying to see what is going on around her. But for this moment, she was truly chilling as if she really wanted to enjoy the quality time with daddy instead of moving all over the place. It was an adorable and special moment. Zakiah is starting to show different neat!

Oh and another thing. Zakiah still hates the pacifier but absolutely LOVES her fingers! First it was the fist, but now she loves sucking on her middle three fingers.

Does this mean she will find that thumb? And the suspense thickens...

1 comment:

  1. She is too cute! :) Love the pics.. too adorable. It's so nice that you can keep a blog like this about her. I'm sure she'll love to read it when she's old enough. I wish there were things like that in my days lol.

    Take care chica!



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