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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Naps are so much better now!

Yesterday and today, Zakiah has been napping much better than usual. I have been really working with her to help get her through those crazy jolts that usually wake her up after the 40 min mark of her nap time. I go in and stand by her bassinet after she has been asleep for 35 minutes. I watch her and when she starts moving, I apply pressure to her arms and legs to prevent them from jerking so much that she wakes up. By getting her through the jolts, I am training her to get from one sleep cycle to another without waking up. Hopefully after the next few days, she will jerk less in her sleep and sleep through her naps without my assistance.

Another thing is helping with her naps is being really consistent with the nap time routine, which simply consists of turning on the sound box to the sound of the ocean waves and swaddling her. She has been responding so well to this that I have basically eliminated the need to pat her on the back after swaddling her to calm her down. If she is not overtired, all I have to do is swaddle her, tell her I love her, and place her down in the bassinet while awake. Within 5 minutes with little to no fuss and a little bit of shushing (if necessary), she is off to dreamland. So awesome! NO more rocking, bouncing, swaying, nursing, or walking her to sleep. Woohoo Zakiah! Our training has not been in vain.

Hopefully our success will continue in the long run. Now only if we can sleep longer than 6 hours at a time at night. I know it will come in time. She has done 8 hour stretches before so I know she can do it again.

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