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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Last night was a Disaster!

LOL...Lesson Learned: Never put Z down for a catnap later than 6pm. Otherwise, she will NOT be tired enough to go to bed at 8:30. Lord, it took me over an hour after putting her down to bed to get her to fall asleep just for her to wake up again after a few minutes. I was starving and had to really use the restroom. I looked at Josh and told him that he can try putting her down to rest. After about 15 minutes, Josh came out of her room and she was asleep for a few hours.

I also feel like baths are a little too stimulating for her. She gets excited and likes to splash in the water with her feet. She loves drying off for she gets all giddy. I am going to have to see if bathing her at 7 will help her settle better for bed. Ha, it is very much trial and error with her routine.

Today, I decided to put her into her bassinet VERY much awake but tired and not do any patting or shushing to help her off to sleep period. I know yesterday I pretty much did away with the patting unless she was really fussy and just shushed for a little bit until she was getting heavy eyed. Today, no shushing. I just put her in bed and stood next to her bassinet out of her sight. Two out of her three naps, she was asleep all by herself within 5 minutes. Her second nap of the day, she was real fussy...I don't know what was going on there. When putting her down to sleep for the night, she was fussy for a minute, but all was quiet after that. Ah, this sleep thing is getting better and better. Hopefully things won't regress too much. I know a lot is ahead of us such as teething and reaching milestones. But we will take it one day at a time.

Once she has gotten a good grasp of falling asleep on her own for a few days, I am going to work on transitioning her from a 3 hr feeding routine to a 3.5 hr routine. I am wondering if her being on a 3 hr routine is causing her to wake up more especially after 40 minutes of sleeping. I don't know yet but will be lurking around the babywhisperer forums to see how to proceed with this. Also, at her 4 month appointment, I am going to see if she would be ready to transition to solids (or rice cereal) and a 4 hr feeding routine.

I haven't posted a pic in a little while. Here is her tonight. She just LOVES those fingers! :)

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