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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What a weekend!

"Daddy, can I PLEASE have some candy?" (LOL) Josh better watch out for this look!
So precious! QT with Daddy...
Hahahaha! Granddaddy trying HARD to get Z to sleep. Look at the barracade! LOL
Knocked out on Grandma's shoulder. She looks peaceful and in deep sleep...

Whew, not only was Z overstimulated but mommy was too!

My parents came up to visit me, Josh, and Z this weekend and boy was things thrown in a loop. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the weekend like I always do when my fam comes into town but I think Z was not well rested for the weekend. Poor baby was SOOOO tired Sunday night. Even today, two days later, she is still tired. Her routine is out the window now so I have to reestablish EASY back into our lives. It will take a few days but hopefully things will be back on track by next week.

Well, Z turned two months this weekend and boy, was she spoiled. She got a bouncer and a play mat for her birthday! She enjoyed the bouncer so much in the store that we had to get it. Also, I thought it would be good to give her a play mat where she can lay on her back and practice some hand-eye coordination with the toys hanging from over the mat. Too bad she hasn't really enjoyed it for long since we got it...she would cry after a very short time on the mat. I'm guessing there is too much for her to focus on so she would get frustrated. We will try again a little later.

Oh my, my little nephew came up with my brother and his girlfriend. That boy is so handsome! The last time and ONLY time I saw him was when he was born. Before he came this weekend, I only saw his growth through picture messages my mom and brother would send via phone. My nephew looks like an even mix of my brother and his girlfriend...such a cutie pie. He is SO active. I thought he was going to tear up Z's bouncer! LOL. I was so glad I got to see him. He seemed to enjoyed his visit. My dad recorded my nephew running and playing around the living room. Wished I could have taken a picture of him and Z together but Z was so disoriented and upset that I thought it wouldn't have turned out to be a good picture. My nephew quickly bonded with Josh. It was soooo cute. Josh went to the bathroom and closed the door. My nephew looked around the corner to find him and couldn't. So he stood there and cried until Josh came back.

Overall, I was glad to see my family. Next time, however, I will try to make sure Z is real rested for the excitement of family visits.

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