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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Time Out For Mommy

Wow, I found this on one of my many deserted blogs.

So much for my dreams of becoming America's Next Top Model...LOL. I was going to apply this year to see if I would make the cut for one of the oldest participants on the show. Oh well, I feel like the show is too old for me anyway, and I would be too big to even qualify as a "plus size" model on that show. Shoot, I probably would have been considered plus size before Zakiah. Ah, whatever. At least I know I can model locally since I have seen some great models over 30 in local runway shows, magazines, and clothing catalogs. It is not over. I still have more time to shine my eye for the FRONT of the camera. ::wink::

Anyway, I finally realized that in the midst of all the things that have dramatically changed in my life over the past year, I have not put a pair of scissors to my hair in over 12 months:

EEK! My hair is such a mess. If you can't tell, I am natural meaning that I do not put any relaxers or chemical agents in my hair to make it bone straight. Don't get me wrong, I used to before 2003 but only because my mom thought my hair would be more manageable with it back in 3rd grade. Now if I want straight hair, I either buy it (LOL) or use a flat iron (hard work).

Pregnancy has changed my hair. Of course while I was pregnant, I had minimal hair loss so my hair was thick. Once Zakiah made her lovely presence, so did my hair into the drain of my shower. (I complimented Draino (on its website) how effective one of its products was and the costumer service department was nice enough to mail me a coupon for a free Draino product). Anyway, my hairline has thinned out some on the sides, which I am not too happy about since I always had a thin hairline already.

So in 2010, along with losing all my pregnancy weight, I want to take better care of my hair to restore it to a healthy state. I guess with a baby, I kind of took my focus away from taking care of myself like I should. Not good. Not good at all.

I am in the process of figuring out what hair routine I want to stick with in 2010. I am leaning towards wearing lots of flexi-rod curl sets this upcoming year. I will post an update once I figure out what I want to do.

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