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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Some of My Bow Designs

Since I have gotten a few more supplies for my bows, I made a batch of basic and ALMOST intermediate level bows. From what I have researched online, the techniques are fairly simple to follow. I have watched several youtube videos of women making bows so I got the basics down pat. Now it is time to let my creative juices flow.

The bows I have made so far are interchangeable with different colored headbands since Zakiah does not have enough hair to hold a big bow on her head. Here is Zakiah sporting one of my bows (sorry for the crappy Blackberry picture quality...I really hate to have to downgrade my software just to get my quality picture back):

Here are some others I have created:

What I like the best about creating your own bows is that you can design them to match every outfit your baby has. With SO many colors found in a little girl's outfit, the choices of color combination are virtually endless. I always loved creating accessories, and now I can add bows to my crafty resume.

One of my lifetime goals is to run a business selling some of my accessory creations. The question is...How do I get started??? Until I find out (or until someone kindly share with me some tips), I will continue to make a nice inventory of accessories for me and Zakiah. If anybody is interested in me designing a custom baby bow, please let me know. I am sure we can work something out! :)


  1. I love the bows, they are beautiful!

    Maybe you could look into setting up a shop on either Etsy or Ebay...They really are so pretty :)

    I have been planning on buying bows with Gemma's Christmas money (assuming she gets any) and I keep going back and forth over whether or not I want to but them or make them myself.

    If you decide on how you want to price your bows let me know, I am definitely interested :)

    Good job!

  2. Hey Kacie,

    My apologies to the late response, but I responded to your reply in a later post (about the bouncy seat on 12/19).

    Thanks for your sweet compliments. I really enjoy making the bows and plan on making many more while I am home. I finally came up with a name for my page on etsy: Uniquely Chic Bowtique. I don't have anything posted on there yet but hopefully will soon. I will keep you updated!


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