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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Post It Note Tuesday

For the past few days, Zakiah has been on some funky stuff (besides having major poopage blowouts almost everyday now). She has been waking up either around 1-2am in the morning OR super early like around 5ish early. Now I know some big things happen around the 6th months but I can't quite put my hand on it. Oh well, life goes on. So yes, I have been up with a playful baby before the sun today.

Anyway, I LOVE blog hopping! You just NEVER know what you might come across. Well, I found my way to SupahMommy's blog and she has this thing called Post It Note Tuesday. I thought this would be something cute to participate in. So here are my posties:


Came back to edit:  O.M.G. This has got to be one of the cutest things.  You know how we can blog with the baby in our laps because baby is demanding attention, but you want to get that post published "real quick".  Well, I had Zakiah sitting on the couch playing with her toys when I first started this post. As I was wrapping up, Zakiah was getting a little antsy because she was getting tired.  So I grabbed her and put her on my lap to see if she would calm down just for a few moments so I can finish and get her to bed for her nap.  Well, bless her heart, she calmed down to the  point where she was literally dosing off.  So wished I could have gotten a picture of it.  What is happening to my baby?  She usually would fuss into a meltdown if I didn't get her to bed.  But instead, she gave mommy a few more moments to finish this post and peacefully drifted to sleep.  She is such a sweet baby...Gawd, I LOVE HER!!! Thank you, Father! :)


  1. Great idea! Very cute blog and what a beautiful baby girl you have! Make me miss my peanut when she was small!

  2. LOL! Love the what to wear...good luck on the baby fat - I'm still working mine off too!


  3. Great post! Today was my first Post It Note Tuesday too! Thanks for visiting my blog!

    I know what you mean about blogging with the baby. I posted my Post It blog today with Natalie in my arm. lol

  4. I asked the dishes to wash themselves before I left for work but they didn't listen.

  5. I did reply to your comments last week but my connection was interrupted and my replies were erased. So here goes again:

    @Candace Sheppard: Thanks! I thought this was a very neat idea and can't wait to do Post it Tuesday again tomorrow (if my dial up connect allows me to upload my post its! lol). Thanks for the compliments on Zakiah and my blog (well HER blog..ahem). They grow so fast don't they!?

    @WM: I thought that Post It was particular funny. We did find something to wear along the lines of maroon and cream. The pictures came out pretty good. Of course, Zakiah really knows how to take good pictures. I will post up the pictures when they come in. As far as the baby fat, I guess I will be down to business once the new year comes in. I am hoping to lose at least 10 pounds by the time March comes. I thought I would make a reasonable goal. Good luck to your weight loss, too!

    @amydavid: Thanks! I enjoyed reading your Post Its last week. It was fun and hopefully we will do it again tomorrow. LOL @ blogging with baby. I do it all the time when she allows me to do it. It is getting harder though because she is really into pulling at cords coming from the side of the laptop and trying to reach for the keys to slap down on. Enjoy your little girl, they grow up SO fast once they hit that 3-4 month mark. Thanks for visiting my blog! I will answer your question about breastfeeding after this post.

    @clevelandpoet: Hahaha, I guess your dishes talked to my dishes and they agreed to some type of But thank goodness for Mrs. Dishwasher to take care of the dirty They finally got done Friday morning before I left to go home for the holidays!


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