Bible Verse of the Day: Keeping God First

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Googly Moogly...

...there is something about that phrase that cracks Zakiah up! She loves hearing me say it.  It is too funny.  Also she loves playing peek-a-boo, FINALLY.  She will search all around until me or Josh pops up from behind a pillow or object and then smile. It is truly amazing how much she is attached to us and how she knows that we are her mommy and daddy.

Tonight as I was getting Zakiah ready for bed, she started crying because she was hungry.  She was trying to seek me out for milk as I was trying to get her pajamas on.  She came close to her goal but I stopped her because the routine is to get her dressed after her bath and before her bedtime feeding.  Boy, did she ball out crying.  I kept reassuring her that the milk was coming but first thing first...we had to get those jammies on.  She cried the entire time as I was dressing her up until the time she finally got what she wanted and was so satisfied afterwards.

I mentioned this because when I take the time out to realize, the relationship Zakiah and I have resembles the relationship between me and God on so many levels.  God knows what is ahead in my journey and promised to supply my basic necessities along the way (Philippians 4:19) .  I knew that Zakiah was going to be fed real soon, but she was caught up in not getting her milk now.  Many times, I cry out to God when I don't see things going my way right then and there. I fail to remember that God is always on time and will meet my needs according to when He sees fit in His plan.  I just need to keep faith in Him and not depend on what I see (or don't see) at the moment.  God knows that certain things must be accomplished FIRST before my blessings can come so when they do come, I can be fully prepared to receive them and can truly give Him the praise and glory.

Thank you, Father for helping me see the lessons in the small things that go on around me!

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