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Friday, November 27, 2009

Vacation Update

Shhh, don't tell anybody--we are bootlegging wireless internet from the neighbors...LOL

First off, I made her first bow as you can see on the left. I made it in 3 minutes and attached it to a black headband with a bobby pin. I plan to get really serious with making headbows as soon as I get all the supplies I need.

Anyway, I just wanted to do a quick post about how things are going so far on our trip. Well, we left a few hours LATER than intended on Monday, which made it rough on Zakiah. She was quite fussy during certain periods of the LONG ten hour ride up to Jersey mainly because she is not a car seat sleeper so she was not getting decent rest during her usual nap times. We ended up getting to Jersey a little before 11 that night, which was WAY past her bedtime. But nevertheless, she managed to sleep through the night and get back up around her usual wake up time of 7ish the next morning. She has been sleeping pretty great in her pack and play since she got here to Jersey.

She has really been enjoying seeing her family. Everyone couldn't help saying how beautiful she is. God did an awesome work in forming Zakiah. She is amazing and everyone noticed how active of a baby she is. She loves when her grandma (Josh's mom) talks to her because she makes Zakiah smile.

Thanksgiving was great! Josh's mom threw it down in the kitchen. Tasted just like it would if it came from the South. Turkey really does make you sleepy. At least it did for me.

Today, we took a little road trip to Atlantic City. It was pretty awesome seeing the big casino resorts. We were not able to walk along the boardwalk for a long time because it was very chilly and windy. We had to keep Zakiah bundled up in the stroller so she would say warm. We stayed in Atlantic City for a few hours before headed back. I quickly put together a video slide show of Zakiah's first trip out there. I probably won't do another update until we get back but we will see. Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend and is recouping from the Thanksgiving feast and/or Black Friday shopping.

P.S. Zakiah is REALLY into food. A little too much now. She is starting to go toward plates of food. We noticed this while we were at the Chinese buffet tonight. She is also razzing more constantly and spitting all over the place. She must really be teething because she has been gumming her finger like crazy and sucking on her bottom lip lately. Oh, and today was the first time we put her in a high chair at the Chinese restaurant. Grandpa was really concerned that she was going to bounce and swirm her way out that chair but she did okay for a few moments until she was really ready to get out that thing.


  1. I love the bow :) And it sounds like fun to go on a lil trip for Thanksgiving. I didn't travel at all so it wasn't quite the same...

  2. Thanks, hun! We are having a blast so far particularly because Zakiah has been enjoying herself since we have been here. Hopefully you and Gemma can travel somewhere for Christmas. She is getting SO big by the way! :)


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