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Friday, October 23, 2009

Leaky Diaper Update

In a previous post, I mentioned that Zakiah was starting to leak through her diapers overnight. Well, Pattie, an employer of Pampers Customer Care Department, left a comment under my post in regard to what I can do to help rectify the leaky diaper situation. She suggested I use a size 2 diaper on Zakiah overnight since it is bigger and can hold more. I tried it last night and sure enough, there were no leaks this morning! Yay!

I want to thank Pattie for offering her help directly from the source. I love Swaddlers because they are really soft and are used in hospitals. Ha, considering that Zakiah is almost 15 pounds, she will soon be in size 2 diapers all day. I love how the tabs on the size 2 diapers are extra stretchy for a more secure fit.

Well, I wanted to give an update on this situation. I am still working on the slideshow of Zakiah's appointment on One True Media. I uploaded all the video clips and pictures I want to use but need to go edit and arrange them in the slideshow. After Zakiah woke up from her first nap since being back home from her appointment, she became very VERY fussy. I pampered her though, allowing her to nurse until she fell asleep. Too bad she was doing this every 2 hours. My nipples are sore...haha. Anyway, hopefully I will have that slideshow done by the end of the weekend at the latest along with Week 18 video.

Oh, and I am not sure if my parents are coming up tomorrow with the crib. :( I guess Zakiah truly maximized the use of the bassinet, which is made to hold up to 15 pounds. My parents will definitely be back up next weekend though with the crib. So excited!


  1. Yay! I'm so glad my suggestion worked out well for you and Zakiah. She is precious! And, thanks for the great comments about Swaddlers. I hope you have a great week! Pattie

  2. Thank you so much again Pattie for your help. I am still happy I got help from someone who works at Pampers. I think it is really cool.

    Thanks for the compliment. She is so sweet and no problem about the Swaddlers comments! I don't mind giving credit when it is due. Hope your week has been great and that you have an awesome weekend! I am so ready for my weekend!


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