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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hi, Miss Marvelous! You Are Getting Bigger and Cuter!

So today, Zakiah turns 4 months old. She looks like a totally different little person from when she was first born. She smiles, laughs, coos, grunts, squeals, razzes, and so much more. I love that big gummy look she gives when she is all giddy and excited. That's my girl!

She is so mobile now. Granted, she has not rolled over from tummy to back for some time now but she now knows how to scoot her body backwards when she is on her tummy. She does mini push ups. She LOVES to stand and stump on my lap. She can sit unassisted by herself (only when she is leaning a little bit forward and touching her toes). I guess her head is still a little too heavy to sit straight back.

She loves when I nod my head side to side and make silly noises. She giggles when she is launched into the air. She loves to splash in the tub but really loves when mommy wraps her in her towel. She loves her Winnie the Pooh crunchy paper book/toy-a-ma-jiggy. She is wiggly at the changing table more than ever and rarely cries unless she is really sleepy.

She is napping SO much better now. She is getting through from one sleep cycle to the other. She can sleep for at least 1.5 hours at a time now. but I try to make sure she gets two hours of nap in twice a day. She now eats about every 4 hours instead of 3 hours because she wasn't as hungry when she was feeding every 3 hours.

She wears Carter's size 3 and 6 mo and Gerber's 6-9 (which seems to run small). She is still in her size 1-2 diapers. She is still swaddled and in her bassinet. Hopefully that will change this weekend. I love putting her in handbands because they are so cute! Her hair is falling out here and there but no worries! If she is anything like mommy and daddy, she will have LOTS of hair! I can't wait to style it! :)

She hasn't found her thumb but loves to grab her toes. She sucks on her fingers every now and then but I guess she loves the best pacifier...that's ME! I give her some extra time after she eats to suck away at my nipple to her delight. Hopefully this is not becoming a prop since I am not most times letting her fall asleep on the nip.

She loves tummy time over being on her back to play. She loves watching Baby Einstein everyday. She can tolerate her swing a little longer. She can stay in her bouncer for at least 20 minutes. She is terrified of her playmat (will post a video of her episode on the mat soon). She watches football with daddy, but I think it is more so she watches the movement of color on the screen.

She fusses less when trying to get her into her car seat (boy, it was a struggle several weeks ago). She reaches and grabs for her toys when she is on her tummy or when I put a toy close to her hands. She is very alert and loves looking at people. She is a good girl at Church. People just love little Zakiah. My grandparents spoil her.

There is so much to her and she has only been on this planet for 4 months! I love everything about her even during the wee hours at night. She is a blessing and I love her dearly. Just the other day on the news, a six month old was beaten by her father and died. Two years ago around this time, my cousin lost her little girl due to her boyfriend at the time beating poor baby girl to death while my cousin was at work. Breaks my heart. I teared up when I heard the news. I can't imagine doing any harm to Zakiah even when she cries her heart out and I don't know what to do. Nevertheless, I will do whatever it takes to protect this precious gem. These babies can't defend themselves from abuse. My prayer goes out to the child victims of abuse.

On a lighter note, I thank God for giving me Zakiah and for allowing me to have a very healthy baby so far! I love my booboo, my girl, my baby boo, my mini-me. Happy 4 month birthday Zakiah. Can't wait to share many more minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, and decades with you!

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