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Friday, October 9, 2009

How Soon Do Babies Start Desiring More Than Milk?

I ask because I declare for the past few weeks now, Zakiah has been staring down me and daddy while we are eating or really trying to grab food from our plates/hands! It is hilarious but at the same time, she seems to get upset or frustrated because she can't have what we are having. Plus, she has been really distracted during breastfeeding. She punches, slaps, pulls, pushes mommy all the time during feeding. The ONLY time there is no struggle is when she is swaddled and half sleep at night. I will definitely be bringing up solids/rice cereal at Zakiah's 4th month appointment the Friday after next!

Here's her attacking a cup daddy decided to give her to see what she would do. Good thing the lid was on that thing! haha...cute!

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