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Friday, October 30, 2009

Baby Einstein is NOT So Smart After All!

My mom sent me a text earlier this week informing about the recall on the Baby Einstein DVDs. I was wondering what in the world could be wrong with the DVDs and decided to look it up on Google. Sure enough I found lots of web articles confirming the recall and stating that the Baby Einstein DVD collection has been shown to cause more intellectual harm than good. Several sources state that babies were not gaining anything much from watching the DVDs and years down the road may suffer from brain developmental issues and/or tv addiction.

I was starting to get upset because has been Zakiah watching Baby Einstein at least once a day (until I got my mom's text) although she has shown signs of getting bored with the DVD lately. Ugh, well, Zakiah has only been watching one of the DVDs for about a month. It has been recommended by the AAP that children under 2 years of age should not watch tv, which I did not know. I guess it is for a good reason because I have noticed that Zakiah turns her head towards the tv when it is off as if she is expecting to see something on it. Granted, I mainly have the tv on when watching the news or playing the Baby Einstein DVD, but still, I don't want Zakiah to fall into the tv addicting habit. No more tv, Zakiah!

Personally, I didn't buy the three Baby Einstein DVDs. They were given to me as gifts. But you better believe I will be sending these back to the company for a refund of $15.99 for each DVD as stated on the website. If you plan on returning your DVDs back, no receipt is necessary, but there is a May 2010 deadline.

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