Bible Verse of the Day: Keeping God First

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

So Emotional

OMG, putting together these videos has really made me teary-eyed today. The more I watch the videos again, the more I realize that she is growing really fast. She is so precious even during the hard times, the late nights, and fussing evenings. God has really shown His grace and mercy through the blessing of Zakiah! Gosh, Josh and I don't even deserve such a beautiful baby girl especially when there are so many out there who can't even have children.

I realized truly that I would do anything to protect her while also keeping in mind that there will come a point in time where she will have to face her own storms later in life. But for now, she is fully dependent on me so I must take on my huge God given responsibility seriously.

Oh, I cannot stress how much I love her! She is a doll. I guess I will be shedding even more tears as I watch her grow. ::Sighs:: Where is the pause button???

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