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Friday, June 26, 2009

Our Lil Drunkard

I am breastfeeding so I have been pretty much feeding on demand to help build up my milk supply. Zakiah has been a very very sleepy baby. I guess she was feeling good off the effects of the epidural. It is funny how sleepy she would get after breastfeeding. It was hard to wake her back up. Josh would call her his little drunkard because she would get milk drunk and just fall out to It is so cute!

I love sitting in the back with Zakiah and interacting with her whenever she is awake. I guess it is helping us bond together more. But even when she is asleep back there, I enjoy looking at my sleeping beauty.

I remember the whole drill at the hospital: back to sleep and tummy to play. Well what do you do when she is too sleepy for tummy time? LOL. It was too cute. She was place onto the mat, struggled a little bit since her neck and back muscles are not very strong yet, and settled into a nice comfy position for a little nap. So sweet!

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